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The cat only animal in the technical sense, otherwise a deity! (Robert Lynd)


A 2018-as kiállítások képei elérhetőek a "Kiállítások képekben!" oldalon!
Kattints a "Kiállítások" menüpontra, majd az oldalon a "Kiállítások képekben! gombra!
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A kurzor rávitelekor
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"People who help abandoned animals, they do not know the unhappiness,
because every pet rescue
they fill their hearts with happiness! "
(Carol Bigley)

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Our kitten photographed by professional photographer as well! To see the results, and you would like your favorite pro to take photographs please click on the image!


"It is not true that people do not like the house.
I know that love, like all living things, but not without criticism.
I just love worthy of love.
I do not give my feelings loud and spectacular expression.
Anyone who does not understand dorombolásomat quiet, it's not worthy of intelligent animals adhere to good taste.
Those who can not sit still and silent for a long time, it does not deserve my company.
Who needs only a brilliant feat, he is not worth the simple beauty of the natural movements of the cat never acquire sympathies.
Who always demands something new, who are constantly on the variety, the thrill of rushing, who does not like peace, balance, stability, who thinks that you always have to prove the validity of deeds who are not familiar with pondering the beauty of it will never be loyal cat .
Who is chasing the superficial pleasures of life, to turn their backs on the cat.
Those who love cats, poor people can not be. "
(George Valentine)

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The results of the previous exhibition!

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